The Media Monitoring System (MMS) is a powerful translation and archival program of multinational media created by Raytheon BBN Technologies and hosted in the Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts.

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What is the Media Monitoring System?

The Media Monitoring System (MMS) facilitates research that is culturally nuanced, allowing for more sophisticated readings of global events. This is essential as there are significant misunderstandings around global events, where cultural and political attitudes are misread both in and outside of the academic world. English dominated media has taken the majority of research focus as it is often the most accessible to researchers, but does not account for 80% of the world’s media (Kluver et al. 2013). Thus, the MMS is a useful tool for exploring this insufficiently studied area of global media.

The MMS is also a platform for examining cross linguistic and cultural divides that go unnoticed in English-only media, furthering our understanding of the underlying contexts surrounding current issues. The MMS serves as a unique tool for academics and interested government and industry professionals as it provides in-time translation of global media outlets, including broadcasts, online newspapers, and social media. With its easy-to-use search interface and multiple diagnostic aids, the system also serves as a powerful archival tool of world media coverage of important global events.

Kluver, R., Campbell, H., & Balfour, S. (2013). The limits of language: Media monitoring technologies and emerging research methodologies. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media 57(1), 4-19.

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