The Media Monitoring System (MMS) is a powerful translation and archival program of multinational media created by Raytheon BBN Technologies and hosted in the Texas A&M University College of Liberal Arts.

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How it Works

Comprised of the Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) and the Web Monitoring System (WMS), the Multimedia Monitoring System (MMS) provides users with a comprehensive search engine of global media though an easy-to-use interface.

The Broadcast Monitoring Systems (BMS) ingests satellite news feeds in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian then transcribes the feeds into its native script. Thereafter, the scripts are translated into English. The transcript and translation are searchable and synchronized to the video, providing powerful capabilities for effective retrieval and precise playback of the video and its speech content. These data are stored for one year with searchable text strings while the Arabic-language Additionally, the BMS has a recorded archive since 12 December 2010, just prior to the onset of the Arab Spring uprisings.

The Web Monitoring System (WMS) pulls content from preconfigured websites in Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Russian that refreshes daily. Like the BMS, the WMS translates and stores data. In addition, the MMS provides access to Social Media Monitoring for Twitter and Facebook for a “triangulation” of sources used in Media Analysis, Intelligence, and Language Learning. The WMS’s automatic analysis of content simplifies identification, translation and retrieval from overwhelming volumes of continuously-accumulating media.

MMS users interact with the system from any PC or laptop via common high-speed IP network. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use Windows Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

The Media Monitoring System is funded by the Technology Support Working Group (TSWG) of the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) of the Department of Defense with collaboration and contribution from Raytheon BBN Technologies and the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI).

The MMS has been used by a wide variety of academic, industry and government institutions, including:

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