Getting System Access

The Multimedia Monitoring System (M3S) at Texas A&M University (TAMU) is available to scholars engaged in global media data collection and analysis.  Faculty and graduate students from academic institutions outside Texas A&M University are welcome to request accounts. To see a list of institutions that have used M3S click here.

Requests for user credentials can be made to:

For faculty and undergraduate student users email Rebecca Shaffer at 

For graduate students and Bush School of Government and Public Service users email Hope Walkup at

Demonstrations & Classroom Use

TAMU faculty are welcome to use the Multimedia Monitoring System in graduate and undergraduate courses. M3S staff are also available for demonstrations for interested TAMU faculty and departments. Interest in these opportunities can be made by email to Rebecca Shaffer or Hope Walkup.

Occasionally, the United States Department of Defense expresses interest in users’ use of the Multimedia Monitoring System and subsequent research outcomes. If this occurs, the MMS Team will request research materials from the user.