The Broadcast Monitoring System

The Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) features three satellite news feeds in Arabic, Chinese, and Russian where the audio-video content is ingested, transcribed into its native script and then translated into English.

Since the content is authentic, which is to say, of undisputed origin and genuine while the transcription and translated are unfiltered.  The transcript and translation are searchable by keywords and synchronized to the video which provides powerful capabilities for effective retrieval and precise playback of the video and its speech content.

The BMS content are stored for one year with searchable text strings and the Arabic-language BMS has a recorded archive since 12 December 2010, just prior to the onset of the Arab Spring uprisings. The home page of the BMS displays its key components: the search bar, the time frame-language-media source designation, and the video stream channels (Figure 1).

Figure 1:


This system is comparable to a JStor or Lexus Nexus database. As users search by keyword and time frame, the BMS searches its archive and reveals the results (Figure 2).

Figure 2:


In selecting the item of interest, the user is able to view the authentic video stream that synchronizes the native script and the English translation with a moving cursor.  It is here that users can clip video segments, save the clipped segments and the translated text for replay.

By exporting content, users can share their saved materials among other users and for easy use with other materials such as presentations, lessons and lectures (Figure 3).

Figure 3:


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